What is Virtual Dog Training?

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Cuber dog trainingWhat is Virtual Dog Training? You are probably seeing this a lot right now. Online dog training! Cyber dog training! Virtual dog training! You might ask how could this possibly work, or why this is worth paying for. This will, of course, vary per trainer and type of program offered. Some trainers are offering prerecorded training videos, which can have convenient pricing and be pursued at your leisure. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is a well known and successful company that has always run classes in this fashion. But you’re seeing this popping up quite a bit due to the current state of affairs.

Virtual Dog Training at KCC

What this means for Karma Canine and my clients is a very similar package to the standard in home training visits. We choose a regular time to meet up, you tell ME what issues and types of training you are interested in learning. While I do have a syllabus for standard puppy training, or preparing for the Canine Good Citizen Test, what I have found is that each client has a unique set of concerns for solving behavior puzzles that haven’t responded to the most common solutions. This isn’t a failure on the owner’s part. This is an example of WHY good dog trainers undergo continuous education and study to have a wide variety of techniques and ideas for problems solving.

Once a set time, day, and an appropriate package size have been decided upon, a unique behavior plan will be created for each client. We meet face to face through Zoom, so I get to see your dog and your family. I have a helper dog on my end to demonstrate behaviors if need be. I am NOT here to judge hair styles or housekeeping! I am interested in the health of the dog-human relationship, no more.

What topics can be covered in Virtual dog training?

As you can imagine, there are limitations to what can be covered over the computer. Advanced aggression, territorial aggression, and fear of strangers are some topics best handled in person. Topics like over excitement, jumping, puppy biting, potty training, and not listening are some very common topics I can easily handle through video chat. We can also cover foundation skills such as sit, down, go to bed, targeting and handler skills. I specialize in working with fearful dogs build confidence and take great joy in a process that to me is like slowly unwrapping the world’s best present.

The advantages of online dog training will keep this as a mainstay offer even after the virus has passed. It’s perfect for dogs that need some work before being ready for a class with other dogs, or families that want to involve their children but would struggle with kids in a busier setting. training is one on one and customized, so whether you are dealing with an overexcited puppy or training a dog with multiple children, we can support you!

Do you still have questions? I’d love to talk with you! Let me know what problems and concerns you are experiencing.

What is virtual dog training?


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