1. Concierge Personal Training

You train your dog.

Is your puppy a hooligan? Are you struggling to enjoy walks with a whirling dervish? Do you find yourself calling your dog to come… and come and COME?

With your own personal trainer, these struggles can be faced head on without the distractions of group classes. You will progress at the pace that is right for you and your dog!

Begin with 6 1-hour sessions to lay the foundations of your dream dog. $660

2. Virtual Training

You train your dog at home, with style.

Do you appreciate the flexibility of concierge dog training with the ease and convenience of online video call? All of our FUNdamentals can be taught without getting out of your pajamas!

Virtual training can be a great option for dogs who behave differently when a stranger is in the home, for Covid-related social distancing, or anyone outside the service area. All you need is web access and a convenient link will be emailed to you before each session. No tech experience necessary!

Begin with 6 1-hour sessions to begin sculpting your masterpiece. $660

3. Day Training

I train your dog for you.

Is your frantic schedule making your puppy behavior goals seem impossible? Would you like someone else to do the heavy lifting with your difficult dog?

Jumpstart your training goals with Day training! Once a week, we will meet so I can pass along what your dog has learned and to discuss training goals with you. Depending on difficulty, I will come to your house 1-2 times a week to polish your diamond-in-the-ruff. $1,320 – $1,980.

4. Private Consultation

You need more help, but don’t know where to start.

I come to you, meet your dog and assess your needs. You will get a training plan and we will discuss a plan for moving forward.


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